Why are transport improvements needed at Melling?

Research shows that during peak periods and the weekend, SH2 at Melling becomes very congested. Intersections with traffic lights in this 100 km/h environment create a safety and crash risk, particularly for vehicles that are queuing to turn right onto Melling Bridge from SH2. This also makes it difficult for people to access Lower Hutt's City Centre.

Last updated: 29 Jun 2021
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The Melling transport improvements aim to provide:

  • safer journeys for all road users (including pedestrians and cyclists) and improve the road network’s resilience
  • improved travel choice with better access to walking, cycling and public transport
  • more efficient and reliable connections to and through Lower Hutt
  • support for the wider RiverLink urban regeneration goals, such as housing growth in central Lower Hutt to create a more vibrant city.
Last updated: 28 Jun 2021
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