How much car parking will be available once this project is completed? What about parks for people that can't get around on bikes, public transport or walk?

Once RiverLink construction is completed in late 2027, a number of the Riverbank carparks will have been removed, as well as approximately 95 on-street car parks where the city and river meet. This will be done gradually, throughout the project, as essential flood protection work is carried out and the city is transformed. The reduction of car parks will be off-set by the way that Riverlink is being designed to offer viable alternatives to using private vehicles - enabling greater use of public transport as well as greater ease in walking to destinations.  

Last updated: 16 Sep 2021
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Minimising disruption

The RiverLink team are working to minimise any inconvenience to people who use the Riverbank car park and nearby on-street parking, as a result of the RiverLink project. We'll work to reduce any disruption that may occur for people doing business in the city by putting in place conditions on how the work is carried out.  

The Chamber of Commerce is assisting us by carrying out a Transport Survey of local business. This will give us invaluable information about how people commute into the city for work and will be vital in shaping our actions during construction and beyond.  

Last updated: 15 Sep 2021
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