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RiverLink — what it’s about & what happens next  

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(Greater Wellington Regional Council)

RiverLink’s flood protection work, delivered by Greater Wellington Regional Council, is expected to safeguard residents from large flood events that could affect up to 3,000 homes, five schools and 600 businesses, with the potential to cause an estimated $1.1 billion worth of damage across the community.

Recent flooding events across New Zealand have shown the need for investment in flood protection infrastructure, and the devastating consequences for communities flooded as a result of not doing so.



(Waka Kotahi - NZTA)

In January 2020, the Government announced the NZ Upgrade Programme – a major infrastructure funding package. This includes funding for transport improvements at Melling, which will be delivered by the Transport Agency, as part of RiverLink.

Construction is expected to begin in late 2022 and be completed in 2026. The transport improvements will include a new Melling interchange, relocating the Melling train station, and better walking and cycling links.

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Urban development

(Hutt City Council)

Beyond flood protection and transport upgrades, one of the goals of the RiverLink project is to spur urban growth.

Hutt City Council has unveiled a Central City Transformation Plan to enable this growth. A new riverbank promenade, and a pedestrian and cycling bridge crossing the river near the relocated Melling station, are key parts of RiverLink that will be delivered by Hutt City Council and transform Lower Hutt.

Disclaimer: The built riverside developments depicted in this video are an artist's impression only.
The final design of this urban edge of the river is the subject of further studies and future public engagement.

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