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Where are we at?

With 3 main feedback topics from the 134 comments being – river city, roads and the positive effects the project will have on the city.

There was a strong response with over half the people attending commenting on how RiverLink will help transform Lower Hutt into a river city - a city that celebrates and incorporates the river into everyday activity.

People are very keen to see Lower Hutt gain improved access to the river, a healthy river and having a greater range of transport choices.

There were many positive comments about the project overall with calls for it to happen as fast as possible, to avoid using exotic plants and to make sure pedestrians and cyclists are considered throughout construction. Comments were made about the importance of flood protection and planting around the river and paths. A great deal of comments centred around having a cyclist and walking-friendly centre, and having easy access to the city via the cyclist and pedestrian bridge.

What you said online with Social Pinpoint

What you said online
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RiverLink open days

These open days were an opportunity for the public to see how the indicative plans were looking for improvements to river health, city growth, flood protection, amenities and transport connections in Lower Hutt. Feedback was considered (alongside input from our technical specialists, and project partners) as we worked to improve our draft plans. Our next step is to finalise these plans and submit them as part of our applications for resource consent in early 2021.

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